.Thank You, Kind Stranger: Mustard Packet.

This is the start of a new (hopefully ongoing) addition to my blog. “Thank You, Kind Stranger” documents the random acts of kindness sent my way by strangers I meet. I hope you enjoy these sweet little moments.

Yesterday, I got off the red line on the Chicago L Train at 1:40 p.m. and being hungry headed to the Jewel across the street from where I work to grab a quick lunch. After a brief moment of confusion (the sandwiches weren’t near the deli where I expected them to be), I picked out an Italian sub, checked out and sat down at the window counter to eat.

Biting into the sandwich I was a little disappointed to see that no condiments had been put on it before being wrapped up for purchase. This wasn’t the fault of the deli; I need to add my own condiments but as I was crunched for time. Having already spent a fair deal trying to find the sandwich in the first place, I decided to accept the sandwich as was and continued munching.

Suddenly, a packet of mustard appeared in front of my face. I turned to see an older woman holding it out to me.

“Here. This will make it taste better,” she said with not so much a knowing smile but a knowing “life sucks sometimes, take the mustard” glance. I smiled, thanked her and took the packet. Squeezing it onto the bread certainly improved the otherwise bland assortment of meat and cheese significantly. I thanked her again as she got up to leave and went to work with a warm feeling in my chest.

Thank you, kind stranger.


It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Since my last blog post I’ve done the following things:

  1. Started a job I love
  2. Told my partner I love him
  3. Taken deep breaths
  4. Began writing for the Harry Potter Alliance
  5. Travelled to Chicago for the first time
  6. Gasped
  7. Slept a little too late
  8. Missed deadlines
  9. Nearly left the world… twice
  10. Been pulled back from the brink by strong women… twice
  11. Loved a friend deeply
  12. Appreciated my boss for his empathy
  13. Appreciated my friends for their understanding
  14. Left the job I love
  15. Rested my drunk head against the window of my best friend’s car
  16. Folded clothing
  17. Filled out a change of address form
  18. Screwed the lid of my father’s urn on too tight
  19. Driven to Nebraska
  20. Failed to scatter his ashes
  21. Driven to Iowa
  22. Driven to Illinois
  23. Braved Chicago traffic
  24. Added garage door keys to my key ring
  25. Became a foster dog mom
  26. Decided where dishes should go
  27. Stocked a fridge
  28. Cried alone
  29. Cried with my partner
  30. Gotten a new job
  31. Worked out at a new gym
  32. Taken my dogs for a walk
  33. Forgotten poop bags
  34. Ran
  35. Watched my partner graduate from college
  36. Met his parents
  37. Met his siblings
  38. Eaten Chicago thin crust pizza
  39. Unpacked
  40. Taken a nap
  41. Taken a walk
  42. Taken a deep breath
  43. Taken a break
  44. Comforted my love after a nightmare
  45. Woken up early to start writing again
  46. Exhaled