.Thank You, Kind Stranger: Mustard Packet.

This is the start of a new (hopefully ongoing) addition to my blog. “Thank You, Kind Stranger” documents the random acts of kindness sent my way by strangers I meet. I hope you enjoy these sweet little moments.

Yesterday, I got off the red line on the Chicago L Train at 1:40 p.m. and being hungry headed to the Jewel across the street from where I work to grab a quick lunch. After a brief moment of confusion (the sandwiches weren’t near the deli where I expected them to be), I picked out an Italian sub, checked out and sat down at the window counter to eat.

Biting into the sandwich I was a little disappointed to see that no condiments had been put on it before being wrapped up for purchase. This wasn’t the fault of the deli; I need to add my own condiments but as I was crunched for time. Having already spent a fair deal trying to find the sandwich in the first place, I decided to accept the sandwich as was and continued munching.

Suddenly, a packet of mustard appeared in front of my face. I turned to see an older woman holding it out to me.

“Here. This will make it taste better,” she said with not so much a knowing smile but a knowing “life sucks sometimes, take the mustard” glance. I smiled, thanked her and took the packet. Squeezing it onto the bread certainly improved the otherwise bland assortment of meat and cheese significantly. I thanked her again as she got up to leave and went to work with a warm feeling in my chest.

Thank you, kind stranger.

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