.A Spell Jar for Protection Through Self-Love.

So this is probably a good time to tell you that I’m somewhat of a witch.

Okay, no, calm down. It’s not like that. I don’t boil and brew up evil potions or turn people into frogs (Yet. Don’t @ me.) I practise a very old religion known as Wicca, which falls under the Pagan umbrella of beliefs. It’s a little complicated but basically, I use stuff like herbs, stones, candles, and other tools to set intentions in my life. I don’t necessarily believe that there’s a direct correlation to the spells I cast and the outcome of my life (I’m something called an agnostic witch) but it gives me some comfort and a feeling of control to do so.

One thing I really love doing is spell jars/pouches. These are intention charged items that I use as a touchstone to remind me of my goals. One spell jar that I’ve made recently is really helpful when it comes to recovering from emotional abuse. I carry this little vial around with me to keep myself calm when I feel like my boundaries aren’t being respected or I feel particularly anxious. I wrote the spell recipe out for a friend of mine who was struggling and thought I’d share it with you, too.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A vial or pouch small enough to carry with you but large enough to hold everything. I like little vials with cork stoppers, but anything will work.
  • A piece of rose quartz
  • A piece of tiger’s eye
  • Cinnamon
  • Rosebuds
  • Lavender
  • 1 pink candle
  • 1 black candle

Perform this spell during the full moon for optimum effectiveness, but really, this will work whenever the moon is visible.

Put all the ingredients into the container and leave it out at night in a place where the moonlight will hit it. The next night, lay the container underneath the two candles and light each one. After a few minutes, pick the jar up and hold it to your chest. Close your eyes and visualize a pink bubble surrounding you. You are safe inside of this bubble. Feel love and protection filling you up from our toes to the top of your head. Smile to yourself. You deserve this feeling of love and security. When you feel full of this feeling, open your eyes and seal the jar shut with the wax from both candles, chanting “I reclaim my heart and protect it from future harm.” Blow out the candles and give the jar a little squeeze whenever you feel drained or unsafe. You can also carry it with you and recharge it under the moon as needed.

You can charge other items similarly to bring you different feelings! Want to feel sexy on a first date? Take your favorite tube of lipstick or your favorite jar of cologne, hold it to your heart and visualize the same thing. When you’re done, use the same incantation and hit the town! You can do the same thing for an interview by charging up a piece or jewellery or a necktie with the intention of confidence or prosperity. Throw in some jade or a green candle to really focus in on what you want. Having these little reminders can be a big help!

I carry this little jar with me whenever I feel kind of empty or if I’ll be around someone who drains me. It doesn’t really matter whether you believe in magick or not. Having something to remind you of your self-love and inner strength can help you feel more secure in a difficult situation. I find that even though I don’t really believe that lighting a candle will get me a job or make someone back off, the ritual still helps me feel less anxious. I hope it helps you, too.